Fracking assists Ohio energy boom

Oilfield producers are adding jobs in Ohio

Ohio is seeing a substantial amount of activity in its energy market and many oilfield production jobs are being created. According to a report from Bloomberg BusinessWeek, energy demands are being met by an increase in natural gas and oil production, brought on by a number of procedures including hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. 

Oil companies are relying on numerous oilfield technologies such as high pressure pumps and hydraulic lift. By extracting oil from rock shales, oilfield producers are finding themselves capable of meeting increasingly high energy demands, although many have argued that doing so is non-sustainable.

However, the financial benefits of fracking have allowed the practice to continue, as it is adding jobs and making it easier to supply the general public with energy. Philip Sharp, the head of environmental research group Resources for the Future and former Democratic House member from Indiana, spoke with the news source about the environmental concerns related to fracking and suggested that many were unfounded. He went on to say that the procedure is assisting oil companies with meeting growing demand growth and most individuals are realizing its benefit on an economic level.

"There's so many different ways in which this is feeding into various sectors of the economy," Sharp said. "The administration looks to me like they've come to recognize its importance and they have not jumped on the anti-fracking bandwagon."

In today's economy, oilfield producers are under a tremendous amount of pressure to extract oil quickly and efficiently while keeping environmental risks to a minimum. While some fracking detractors may argue that the process is harmful to the environment, acquiring the right oilfield solutions can help environmentally conscious companies maintain green practices without compromising operations.