Oil demand spurs increase in North Dakota air traffic

Oil is a booming industry in North Dakota

North Dakota is in the midst of a significant economic boom. While the state has always struggled to maintain viability due to its relatively far distance from any major metropiltan areas, North Dakota officials are finding an increase in flights to and from the area, with the main attraction being a need for oil.

North Dakota has grown as an oil producer at an exceptional rate, tripling its production in the last three years. Currently it sits only behind Texas as the nation's top source. Because the demand is so high, the state now needs more oilfield workers. This has led to an influx of air traffic in the area.

According to the Associated Press, Delta Air Lines has added additional flights from Minneapolis and Denver to Williston, North Dakota, all in the name of getting more oil. Steven Kjergaard, the local airport manager, said to the AP that everyone wants to come to Williston because they know that's where the oil is.

"Williston is basically the center hub of it, so we see quite a bit of traffic," Kjergaard told the news source.

And while bringing in new workers and adding air traffic to provide additional transportation methods will certainly help, North Dakota oilfield producers will only be able to appropriately meet the rising demand if they find new, innovative ways to build efficinecy into the extraction process. Companies may turn to various tools to lessen the amount of time it takes to remove oil from the ground.

An artificial lift is a great way to quicken the pace, while providing the safety workers need in a relatively dangerous environment. Companies that want to improve the extraction process should contact an oilfield technology provider to acquire the best solutions to fit their needs.