Calling all workers: Exxon Mobil recruiting for new chemical projects

Exxon Mobile is investing in new projects and needs skilled workers.

As Exxon Mobil deals with a shortage of skilled workers to staff its planned expansion along the Texas coast, the multinational oil and gas company has announced its intention to partner up with local colleges and recruit thousands of new hires.

In all, Exxon Mobil will work with nine Houston-area community colleges to develop the proper curriculum for these workers, according to the FuelFix blog. In addition, the company will spend $500,000 to coordinate these programs and set up a new website to help recruit new workers.

The rise in drilling for natural gas has prompted Exxon Mobil to invest billions in new projects—nearly projects in all.

"There are literally thousands of new jobs coming to the Houston area and across the Gulf Coast being created because of what I think of as a tidal wave of new investment created for the chemical industry," Steve Pryor, president of Exxon Mobil's chemical division, told FuelFix. "It's lots of jobs and at the heart of them, to enable all of these [projects] to happen, you need skilled workers."

In fact, it's estimated that these projects could create 46,000 permanent jobs in the chemical industry, not to mention 264,000 jobs in supporting industries that will benefit from the growth.

Temporary job numbers are expected to be even higher, as workers are hired to build pipelines and search for fuel deposits.

As these projects grow, companies like Exxon Mobile may find that they need the latest technology to stay competitive in the industry. Items like a hydraulic jet pump can be invaluable to the drilling process, allowing for the quick completion of drill stem testing and better recovery rates in existing wells.