Environmentally friendly oilfield equipment offers a number of advantages

Protecting the environment is important in oilfield operations

Oilfield producers have always searched for innovative methods to increase production while reducing operational expenses. Today, many companies are also working to incorporate an environmental angle into their oilfield strategies. By implementing renewable energy systems to power daily processes and procuring "green" oilfield equipment, producers can reduce the environmental impact of their operation while increasing productivity and profits.

These days, every manufacturer or supplier is striving to offer the best eco-friendly products. This is no different in the oil industry. Not only should workers use the best tools to protect their own safety, they must also be considerate of the surrounding environment. Regardless of your opinion on fracking, those who oppose the practice are simply doing so because they want to protect the area designated for drilling.

There are many beautiful, open areas that serve as a perfect canvas for oilfield producers. It is the responsibility of the companies using these regions to ensure they are limiting any negative effects on the area. According to an article in Oilprice.com, one oil company in Italy is implementing environmentally friendly oilfield solutions so they don't hurt the beauty of the Italian countryside.

Joao Peixe, the author of the article, reports that by doing so, this company will not only reduce their carbon footprint, they will increase production by 150 percent.

"Despite the beautiful country in which it is situated, development of the field and the installation of the nodding donkeys is not expected to raise much local opposition, as the townsfolk are more than happy with the royalties they will receive from the sale of oil," Peixe writes.

There are already many things to consider when evaluating oilfield equipment, and the environment is just one more factor to be mindful of. However, working with an oilfield technologies provider can alleviate the burden of selecting the right tools for the operation.