Failure to procure proper oilfield equipment leads to worker’s death

Oilfield work can be dangerous, so it’s important to invest in proper oilfield equipment

As previously mentioned in this blog, worker safety should be the top priority for all oilfield producers. While it's important to constantly innovate to improve the speed and efficiency of extraction, nothing should compromise the health of anyone working in the field. That means proper drill stem testing is essential, as well as the investment into safe, quality oilfield equipment.

Earlier this month, an oilfield worker in Artesia, New Mexico, tragically died while on the job. Dover Magby, 49, was working at an oilfield located in the small town, which is located just outside Carlsbad in Southern Chaves County when he received crushing head injuries and died early last week. An investigation is underway, but authorities believe Magby's equipment played a role in his death.

Without proper tools and equipment, workers could be put at risk. Procuring less expensive, or even pre-owned technologies may seem like a financially smart investment, but any cost saving measures should never hurt the well-being of those that ultimately use the equipment. When lives are at stake, cutting corners should never be an option.

Southern Chaves County Sheriff's Captain Jeff Zuniga spoke with the Carlsbad Current-Argus about the incident and gave his take on what he thinks went wrong.

"Magby may have been crushed while standing between two pieces of equipment that cycle and fill up with mud," Zuniga said. "The incident allegedly occurred as he was directing the machinery."

Oil extraction is always going to be a dangerous job, so companies must do what they can to ensure their employees' safety. Conducting best practices and investing in proper equipment will go a long way in improving worker conditions.