Gang violence threatens oilfield producers on Mexican border

In dangerous areas, it’s important to extract oil as quickly as possible

One of the biggest issues that oil companies face is the risks brought on by the surroundings of various oil wells. Cultural differences and hazardous landscapes can pose a problem for oilfield producers who are trying to get in and out of their respective work zones as quickly and safely as possible.

Earlier this month, this blog discussed the concerns many oil companies had about drilling in Iraqi war zones. While battle still rages in the Middle East, domestic shores are not impervious to those kinds of dangers. A number of gas fields on the Texas and Mexico border are controlled by the Zetas gang, according to a report in the online publication Hispanic Business.

Zetas is one of Mexico's most dangerous gangs, and professionals working in this area are constantly finding themselves in the crossfire of vicious battles.

"Zetas are pretty much in control, but they have been challenged," said an anonymous U.S. official who has been tasked with monitoring the situation. "You have these groups fighting one another, shifting alliances and internal fights. It's a wilderness of mirrors."

Many workers have been injured as they are caught in the line of fire as innocent bystanders. While all related organizations are aware of the dangers, they know that the area is a valuable location for extraction, so efforts are being made to mitigate the risks while maintaining production schedules.

One way to do this is by implementing an artificial lift which can speed up the process and allow oilfield producers to work quickly and efficiently. Companies looking to improve their efforts on oil and gas fields should contact an oilfield technologies provider. These professionals can help businesses acquire the right solutions to fit their needs.