India increases demand for Iranian oil

India needs oil to meet new challenges spurred by a growing population

Earlier this year, India suffered a major power outage that severely affected a large part of the country. As a result, Indian officials are increasing their demands for oil so they can sufficiently provide adequate levels of energy to an increasingly developing population.

According to a report from Reuters, officials in India are reaffirming their request for increased production from Iranian oilfields. India's Oil and Gas Minister S. Jaipal Reddy told the news source that they are working with other nations, notably the United States, to ensure that they can receive adequate volumes of oil without breaking any regulations or compromising the rest of the world's needs to be delivered sufficient amounts.

"The United States appreciates the larger needs of the country and it has also seen the efforts we have made to reduce our dependence on Iran imports to a considerable degree," Reddy said. "And while we respect the United Nations sanctions, we don't want to ignore the requests of other nations."

As a result, many oilfield producers around the world will be working hard to ensure they can supply India with enough oil to sufficiently power the country and not put them in jeopardy of another blackout. While appropriately adjusting operations to meet demands from India will help establish a strong link between the two nations, it must ensure that it can also supply to everyone else with pressing needs.

To meet these challenges, oil companies must ensure they are prepared with proper oilfield equipment to speed up the extraction process and build efficiency into their processes. Using an artificial lift or hydraulic jet pump, producers can help ensure that they can properly deliver oil in a timely manner. As demands continue to change and new challenges arise, having proper technologies in place will help companies adjust their operations accordingly.