Microsoft brings computing to the oilfield

Using mobile devices allows oil companies to share information with oilfield employees

Oilfield producers are joining the long line of companies that are using big data to bolster their business strategies. While having the proper oilfield equipment can speed up the extraction process and build efficiency into all operations, being able to recognize and capture on-site data can take the process to the next level.

Microsoft is taking its business technology prowess to the oilfield by participating in IDOC 2012. The tech giant will be going over its latest innovations in the oil and gas industry which are designed to promote efficiency and environmental sustainability.

H. E. Nasser Bin Khamis Al-Jashmi, the under-secretary at the Ministry of Oil and Gas for the government of Oman, welcomed Microsoft to the event.

"We are happy to have Microsoft supporting the third IDOC event, participating in the conference sessions and showcasing their latest products and solutions with our experts and partners," Al-Jashmi said.

Modern oil production equipment helps companies achieve maximum output

Microsoft's presence at the conference shows that many oil companies are ready to take their operations to the next level. Adding computing to the oilfield is an effective way to ensure that businesses get the most out of their extraction efforts. Compiling data and harnessing that information to improve processes can reduce errors, shorten extraction times and ultimately increase profits. With the advent of cloud computing and mobility in the workplace, it is becoming increasingly easier and more effective to communicate and transfer information from oilfields to corporate offices.

However, oilfield producers will only get the most out of these efforts if they implement the correct tools to enhance the actual labor. Using technology such as hydraulic lift allows producers to optimize their practices. Those looking to acquire new solutions should contact an oilfield equipment provider.