New production jobs place greater importance on oilfield equipment

The San Antonio economy is booming thanks to new oilfield jobs

If predictions of increased domestic oilfield production come to pass, the job market should benefit as new positions will have to be filled to handle the growing workload.

This blog has offered varying opinions regarding the last month's International Energy Agency report and some believe that U.S. oilfield production won't improve as well as the IEA suggests. However, there are some places in the country that are experiencing a boom in production and, as a result, are adding new positions.

The area of San Antonio, Texas, has already added over 4,000 jobs to meet the increasingly high number of challenges brought on by rising production in the Eagle Ford Shale oil and gas field. These positions fill a number of needs in addition to fieldwork and the local economy is enjoying the residual effects of an improving market. According to a report released by the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation (SAEDF), the economic impact totaled over $705 million in increased revenue in 2012.

Former San Antonio Mayor and current chairman of the SAEDF Henry Cisneros said in the report that this kind of boom is rare and the city needs to respond right away.

"When something this big happens in your backyard, you really better act on it," Cisneros said. "Everything is going to be growing, the jobs are going to triple."

While this is certainly good news, new oilfield workers in the area must be up to speed and prepared to deliver oil efficiently if they want to keep the good economic vibes going. Proper oilfield equipment is a must and new employees will have to be properly trained on how to use their tools. Working with an oilfield solutions provider can allow companies to acquire the proper technologies as well as the knowledge needed to get the most out of each piece of equipment.