Oilfield conference set to discuss new technologies

Oil companies are always looking for innovative oilfield solutions

Today's business climate encourages innovation, and industries that take advantage of modern resources have a better chance of succeeding economically in the coming years. The oil industry is no different and many companies are working to develop advanced oilfield equipment to expedite the extraction process.

Later this month, the Third International Digital Oilfield Conference will commence in Muskat, a city located in the Arab Sultanate of Oman. Here, industry leaders from around the world will gather to discuss the future of the oil industry as well as what actions can be taken to spur operational efficiency in the field.

According to a report in the Oman Tribune, the theme of the event is expected to be the rise of mobile communication devices and how they can be applied to oilfield management. The influx of smartphones and tablets in business environments has reached nearly every industry, and those in the oil business may be able to utilize the technology to collaborate and communicate with one another, all for the sake of improving oilfield procedures.

Raoul Restucci, a representative from the Petroleum Development Oman – the event's host – spoke to the news source about his anticipation for the conference and how he believes that the brilliant minds coming together will spur some innovative new ideas.

"We look forward to welcoming some of the leading experts in the world from the oil and gas industry and sharing some of our own expertise on smart field development," Restucci said.

Whether or not this event leads to the development of new oilfield solutions, companies around the world are going to continue to search for new tools that promote safety and efficiency on the oilfield. Working with an oilfield technology provider can help companies find the solutions that fit their needs.