Oilfield producers must prepare for the future

It’s important for companies to ensure their oilfield operations are conducted with long-term goals in mind

Given the state of the economy, it is more important now than ever to consider the future. Business decisions cannot be made to simply satisfy the here and now. Long-term planning is crucial, especially in the energy industry. Oilfield producers must equip themselves with solutions designed to meet both present and future needs.

We are a week and a half removed from Hurricane Sandy, but the ramifications are still being felt along the Eastern Seaboard, especially in New York and New Jersey. The news is plastered with images of endless lines at local gas stations as storm victims anxiously try to acquire as much gasoline as possible to simply survive.

Better long-term planning may have prevented this from happening, which is why companies need to invest in oilfield equipment that caters to the big picture. An article in the Santa Maria Times stresses the importance of planning in the oil industry amid the current economic landscape.

"Because of a long, painful recession, the pressure is on local policy makers to allow the oil industry to move forward," the article says. "The nation needs oil, we need the business development and now seems a good time to allow the industry greater access to local oil and gas resources."

Companies can do their part by implementing technologies to build efficiency into oilfield operations. By developing an organized, streamlined process of collecting and storing oil, the country will be better prepared for future events, even if they are unforeseen. Working with an oilfield solutions provider can allow companies to acquire tools such as artificial lift, which speeds up the process and gives producers the opportunity to extract oil quickly and safely.