Oklahoma theft showcases the importance of protecting oilfield equipment

Companies need to ensure they protect the security of their equipment, such as hydraulic lift

Sometimes, simply having the best oilfield equipment isn't enough. Producers need to follow best practices with oil extraction tools as well if they are to be successful in their operations. While this includes proper drill stem testing and drilling, it also means upholding the security of all pieces of equipment.

According to a report from Enid News, deputies at the Garfield County Sheriff's Office in Oklahoma are currently investigating the theft of a seismic box from an Enid, Oklahoma oilfield. The tool is used for oil and gas exploration and is valued at roughly $5,200.

While authorities are still investigating, it's likely the field could have been vulnerable to theft as it happened over the Christmas holiday. This is something that can be easily combated if proper steps and proper tools are in place to protect the security of all oilfield solutions.

If operations shut down for a weekend of holiday, it's important for companies to ensure all equipment is locked up and out of sight. Leaving anything out in the open or unprotected could result in incidents such as the one in Enid. The cost of replacing such tools can cut into operational budgets and compromise the profitability of oil companies.

Working with an oilfield technologies provider can alleviate the risk of theft and help prevent issues related to lost items from occurring. By procuring proper equipment storage solutions, companies can leave for the holiday with peace of mind, knowing their tools will be kept safe while they are off the job.

In addition, oilfield technology providers can work with producers to educate them about the best methods to keep their tools safe.