Proper oilfield equipment promotes life-saving safety measures

Working on oilfields can be dangerous

As previously mentioned in this blog, the oilfield can be a hazardous work environment. The risks are incredibly high, as oil extraction specialists are typically working in dangerous areas while performing unsafe tasks. That's why having the proper oilfield equipment is of the utmost importance.

By using adequate solutions, oilfield producers can quicken the process, alleviating the risks that build up in a prolonged job. The less time spent on the oilfield, the less time workers will be putting themselves in danger. These solutions can also help ensure that best practices are followed, which go a long way in promoting the safety of the land and the workers.

At the Live Oak Cogen plant, located north of Bakersfield, California, an accident in one of the oilfield's tanks left one man severely injured and another dead. According to the online publication Bakersfield Now, 54-year-old Barry Snelson of Bakersfield passed away from the injuries he suffered, although the specific cause is not known at this time.

"We know that something happened with the floor [or the tank]," said Bakersfield fire captain Eric Coughran to the news source. "We don't know if he hit his head on something or exactly what happened."

There is always a risk of accidents happening in dangerous working conditions, but using the right tools can help prevent serious incidents. Oilfield producers should concern themselves with the safety of their workers over everything else, so finding the right technologies that promote on-site safety measures is of the utmost importance.

Many oilfield solutions providers can offer the tools companies need for a safe, yet effective, extraction project. These tools can also help build operational efficiency, offering oil companies with cost saving opportunities.