Romney and Obama both interested in off-shore drilling

Offshore oil could be ramping up after the election

On Wednesday, October 3, President Obama and presidential candidate Mitt Romney will meet for their first of many debates. As we get closer to election night, pressure will mount on both candidates as they will be asked to give their stance on a number of hot political issues. While they will certainly disagree on many subjects, one topic that both support is off-shore drilling.

According to a report in the Kansas City Star, there is a strong likelihood that regardless of who is elected, drilling off of the coast of North Carolina – blocked for several years – is likely to resume. Both have expressed an understanding of how important it is to drill for oil offshore, especially if significant volumes of oil are discovered.

It is unknown whether or not this will be a topic of the first debate, but it will likely be brought up between now and November as each candidate has a different take on how to best proceed with the operation. Michael Jasny, director of the marine mammal program at the Natural Resources Defense Council, told the news source that it is important for voters to educate themselves on the ramifications of resuming drilling off North Carolina coastline.

"There has been no slowdown on offshore drilling," Jasny said. "Ultimately this is a political issue. It's vital that folks understand the impacts of offshore oil on their livelihood."

Should drilling resume in this area, it will be important for oil producers to equip themselves with the best technologies to ensure fast, efficient and safe operations. Tools such as an artificial lift can help oilfield workers enhance the extraction process. Companies interested in such products should contact an oilfield solutions provider.