Romney and Obama square off about domestic oilfield production

President Obama and Governor Romney each have plans to spur domestic oil production growth

We're still three weeks away from the presidential election, but the race is heating up. On Tuesday, Mitt Romney and President Obama got together for their second debate, sparring over a number of different topics. The most intense moment came when the two got into domestic oil production.

While Obama pointed to the fact that domestic production has improved under his watch, Romney stated that most of the oilfield work took place outside of the federal government's control. This disagreement lit a fuse between the two candidates as they argued over the right course of action for domestic production.

Each candidate has laid out plans to spur growth in oil fields on these shores, so producers must be prepared for any future changes, regardless of who is elected. It is vital for companies to implement new technologies and measures that build efficiency into the extraction process while protecting the safety of workers and the integrity of oil.

Using an artificial lift solution can help accomplish this by speeding up processes and ensuring that oilfield producers get the most out of each well. This will go a long way in assisting with either candidate's plan to increase domestic production and provide the resources this country needs in its economic recovery.

As recently mentioned in this blog, demand and production schedules are subject to extreme fluctuation. Many economic factors can drastically change the current climate on both a domestic and global scale. It is important for producers to always be prepared for any procedural shifts. Having the proper oilfield equipment can ensure that producers are equipped to combat any unforeseen challenges and meet new demands.