Shell uses oilfield equipment to meet challenges, prepare for increasing demand

Shell beat challenges and met demands using oilfield technology

Shell released a statement this week saying that it expects to meet production demands by the end of the year, despite various setbacks experienced on the oilfield.

The Dutch-British multinational oil and gas company is expected to produce 175,000 barrels of oil per day from the Majnoon oil field in Iraq, but will need to finish a series of preliminary mechanical work by the end of 2012 for that to become a reality. According to representatives from the company, that will be possible.

Earlier this year, however, it didn't seem like a feasible request, because the company tasked with prepping the oilfield ensured a number of problems. This included inclement weather, unexpected mine clearing duties, and delays in customs. The company was not prepared for many of these incidents and had to scramble recover. However, with the use of proper oil production equipment, Shell now believes it will be ready to meet all demands going forward.

Not only does the company believe it will be ready to do this, it is confident that it can take measures to exceed them in the future. A representative from Shell spoke with the online publication Rigzone about his company's efforts and where it will go from here.

"Once we reach full commercial production, we will look at an incremental, modular approach to full field development," the rep said.

When using the right tools, oilfield producers will not only find themselves equipped to handle unforeseen challenges, they may also be able to exceed expectations and venture into uncharted territory, generating new revenue streams. Companies looking to improve their oilfield operations should contact an oil solutions provider to acquire the tools they need to ensure a safe and efficient extraction process.