Study says fracking safe in LA

Fracking in LA has been deemed safe

There has been much discussion recently about hydraulic fracturing (fracking), as many individuals have debated over whether or not it is a safe practice. As previously mentioned in this blog, fracking offers a number of financial benefits. Now, according to a new report, fracking may be safer than once thought.

An oilfield located in Inglewood, California, has been in operation for 82 years. Recently, construction in the area placed a number of freeways and overlooks in close vicinity to the site, which means that one of two things has to happen – either the oil producers move or the citizens and oil company work together. According to a report in the LA Times, the latter appears to be the course of action going forward, especially since a study determined that fracking in the area will not pose any dangers to the area.

However, the findings in the environmental report sparked a tremendous amount of backlash from individuals who are against the practice. Meanwhile, energy advocate Dave Quast told the news source that the findings prove what he has known about fracking for some time.

"The study reconfirms what scientists have been saying all along, that it's a safe and proven technology that's been used for more than 60 years," Quast said.

Either way, oilfield producers will want to ensure that they are holding up their end of the bargain by not interfering with the daily lives of the Californians living in the surrounding area. Oil extraction needs to be safe and efficient, so oilfield equipment such as artificial lift offer valuable solutions.

Companies looking to bolster the efficiency of their extraction efforts should contact an oilfield technologies provider to gain the tools that fit their needs.