Texas ice storm impacts local oil producers

Wintery conditions have caused setbacks for a number of oil producers.

Winter has made its presence felt in just about every region of the country this month, and in some sections it has been unusually cold. Texas, for example, suffered what experts describe as the worst ice storm in years, a severe incident that caused thousands of residents to lose power and resulted in roughly $30 million in residential insured losses. 

The region is slowly recovering, and the nation waits anxiously as the state's oilfields attempt to get back on track. Many of the state's oil producing areas were without power following the storm, according to the Wall Street Journal, which means the industry that relies so heavily on efficiency and fast production had to wait out the storm before it could get back up and running.

In addition to work delays, one of the more pressing problems resulting from this storm is the lack of oilfield equipment protection. Because Texas doesn't usually experience this kind of extreme weather, many oilfield producers don't take proper precautions when it comes to protecting their equipment from the elements.

"Much of the equipment that is above ground is exposed to the elements and not housed in protective sheds common in consistently colder places such as North Dakota," the article says. "So valves and meters that measure the flow of oil and gas are more likely to freeze shut during prolonged cold weather."

The weather is a major factor that can be difficult to plan around, but producers can't allow it to completely derail their operations. Investing in modern oilfield equipment can help mitigate the damage caused by inclement weather and allow well operators to get back to business as quickly as possible.