What is the future of fracking?

Having the right oilfield equipment could allow companies to enjoy the benefits of fracking while alleviating the potential risks

Fracking is still a controversial topic in the oilfield production industry, but a number of efforts are being made to bring together those in favor of the method and those against it. Many have been discussed in this blog, but going forward, there is little known about what the future holds for fracking.

Analysts have made educated predictions. Some say fracking won't last because evidence will continue to pile up that suggests it is a dangerous oilfield practice. Others say evidence will prove the opposite and fracking will not only survive, but it will become the accepted way companies go about oil extraction. Likely, the future of fracking will fall in the middle of the spectrum and there will be compromises made on both sides.

The British online publication Public Service discusses the future of fracking and the measures various organizations are taking to find a happy medium between oilfield producers and environmental activists. However, the article suggests that more testing is needed to determine an appropriate method that satisfies both environmental and economic needs.

"We are also taking steps to prepare the way for any future production phase, though this is likely to be some years away," the article says. "Until more exploration work has been done, a significant number of wells fracked and production patterns established over time, it will not be possible to make any meaningful estimate of likely economically recoverable resources of shale gas in the United Kingdom."

For now, it is important for oil companies to invest in proper oilfield equipment that can promote efficient and safe extraction. Using the right tools can help oilfield producers become more economically viable while protecting worker health and preserving the surrounding environment.