Four Iranian oilfields set for production in 2013

Iranian oil production is booming

As energy demands increase on a global scale, a number of companies are expanding to different parts of the world and implementing new oilfield technologies to build efficiency into the extraction process.

Preparation is finishing up on a number of different oil fields in the central part of Iran, with extraction is set to begin next year, according to a report from the online publication the Tehran Times. The fields receiving the most work thus far are Cheshmeh Khosh, Sarvestan, Khesht and Saa-databad. Their development is scheduled to be completed in time for production to begin around March 20, 2013 – the turn of the Iranian calendar year.

A number of measures have been taken to prepare these fields so they are ready for production next year. Thus far, 10 wells have been drilled and two others will be created and injected with natural gas. There is hope that these oil and gas wells will assist producers as they work frantically to meet growing energy demand.

Mehdi Fakour, managing director of the Iranian Central Oil Fields Company, told the news source that production is expected to significantly increase once the current prep work is completed.

"Cheshmeh Khosh field's output will be doubled to 180,000 barrels per day," Fakour said. "Sarvestan and Saa'databad fields will also start 15,000 barrels per day production by September."

To enhance the extraction process, oilfield producers will likely implement a number of solutions into their strategies to build efficiency and increase the rate of which oil is delivered. Companies that wish to improve their own extraction practices may want to contact an oilfield solutions provider to acquire the tools needed to ensure a quick and safe procedure.