New well testing uncovers untapped volumes of oil in North Dakota’s Bakken field

Well testing could have yielded more oil than initially thought

Earlier this month, this blog reported on the initial drill stem testing conducted in the Three Forks zone in the Bakken field of North Dakota. The tests were successful as producers were able to record adequate oil flow from the wells they were using. Today, it appears testing results are even greater than the loftiest of expectations.

Testing has indicated that oilfield equipment can, in fact, dig deeper than once thought and still produce adequate quantities of high-quality oil. This means that there is likely more recoverable oil located in North Dakota's Bakken field than what was previously reported. It also means such results could be found in other oil fields across the country.

The announcement was made by producer Continental Resources after they concluded additional rounds of drill stem testing. In a news release, Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm expressed great satisfaction in these findings.

"This could be a real game-changer," Hamm said.

Companies all across the United States should equip themselves with proper tools so they can also implement these testing practices. Should more producers find untapped oil deep within additional shale formations, it could change the way we produce and consume energy. By using innovative extraction tools, producers can get the most out of their processes, find oil in the nether regions of the earth and produce higher volumes than previously believed.

Of course, it all starts with testing and the proper tools are needed to conduct these tests. Companies must ensure they are acquiring the best solutions to fit their testing and extraction needs. Working with an oilfield technologies provider can help producers procure the best tools for all oilfield operations.