Ohio resumes oilfield operations with stricter testing regulations

Well testing is crucial for oilfield producers

After an earthquake last December halted several oilfield operations in Ohio for much of this year, the state has begun to issue permits for oil and gas drilling.

The quake occurred in Youngstown on New Year's Eve and since then, a moratorium has been placed on many drilling sites as the state worked to revamp its regulations. On Tuesday, Ohio started issuing new permits to conduct operations including hydraulic fracturing (fracking.)

Rick Simmers, head of the state's Division of Oil and Gas Resources, spoke with The Associated Press about the state's efforts over the last 10 months and how he believes Ohio's oil extraction operations will benefit going forward.

"We never had an official moratorium on issuing the permits, but we've asked the companies to work cooperatively with us as we upgrade our statutes and rules to make them more stringent, and the companies have," Simmers said.

The new regulations were put in place to limit the potential of earthquakes being brought on by drilling procedures. Governor John Kasich issued an executive order giving Simmers  the authority to order oilfield producers to conduct more extensive tests of their respective areas to ensure public safety.

As previously discussed in this blog, utilizing proper oilfield equipment and following best practices are of the utmost importance during the extraction process. The ability to extract oil safely is vital as it goes a long way in assisting with the overall success of any oilfield project. However, none of this can be possible without proper preparation and tools.

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