Oilfield equipment can get the most out of every site

Oilfield producers must ensure they are getting the most out of their wells

An Exxon-Mobile site in Wood County, Texas, is using innovative oilfield technologies to add a second life to its wells, once in danger of drying up.

Since its discovery in 1940, Hawkins Field has generated roughly 800 million barrels of oil. As energy demand grew simultaneously with technology advancements, many oilfield professionals working the area said they believed the site would no longer be able to supply the daily volume of oil it needed to sustain itself.

However, the oilfield producers at the site were able to implement new technology that harnesses nitrogen and displaces oil and gas. This allowed them to access oil and natural gas that had previously been impossible to get to.

Drew Bishop, the regional operations superintendent at the site, told Channel 7 KLTV in Texas that these operations will now add 25 years to the site's lifespan.

"We really have used cutting edge technology to convert something that had no value, to something that's going to be energy that's going to go to all houses in Texas," Bishop said.

Using technology to get the most out of an oilfield

Oil and natural gas are increasingly valuable resources as new technology generates new demand. Oilfield producers cannot afford to leave a site without extracting as much as they possibly can. A played out site should only be declared as such after the producers are certain they have sucked their oil and gas wells completely dry.

Many oilfield solutions can help companies ensure they get every last drop they can from their respective sites. drill stem testing technology can assist in determining how much is left to extract, helping companies ensure that they are not leaving any oil behind before moving to the next site.