Case Studies


TFC Slimhole Jet Pump saves a Permian Basin well from P&A and creates profit for the operator.


TFC Jet Pump pump for frac load extraction greatly decreases operators time to true production over other types of artificial lift.


TFC Jet Pump pump replaced ESP & greatly reduces work over cost while continually being able to chemically treat well bore.


TFC Jet Pump greatly increases oil and gas production from a Wilcox formation well with less energy while eliminating the need for costly make up gas.


TFC Jet Pump reduces annual work over cost of a deviated beam pumping Frio well while increasing oil production and profitability.


Utilizing Hydra-Cell "seal-less" pumps or horizontal multistage pumps for jet pump power fluid injection.


Hybrid Artificial Lift Solutions: Jet Pump / Gas Lift Dual Completions