Fluid Transfer Pumps

Fluid Transfer Pumps

What is a Fluid Transfer Pump?

Tech-Flo is a premier distributor of high quality fluid transfer pumps, and a leading supplier for hydraulic lift equipment worldwide. A fluid transfer pump is a device used to move liquid or fluids from one place to another. These pumps can be very simple or complex in nature, but all serve a distinct need in the oil and gas industry. Transfer pumps can move water, chemical, oil and a variety of other fluids from a well to a distributor or holding tank. They are crucial to the transfer of goods, and are a necessity in any field. The proper installation, upkeep and maintenance of fluid transfer pumps is critical to the success of any operation.

How Fluid Transfer Pumps Work

Transfer pumps work by creating a difference in pressure, resulting in fluid relocating from one location to another. Basic transfer pumps can be manual, but industrial scale pumps require a power source (electric, solar or gas powered). Multi-use transfer pumps are used to move flammable fluids like oil, gas, and some chemicals. Multi-transfer pumps are able to withstand damage to critical components without causing hazards to the surrounding environment. These are specialized pumps that are treated with corrosion resistant materials. Pressure within these transfer pumps is closely monitored to ensure safety.

How does Tech-Flo's Jet Pump work?

TFC's jet pumps function by the Venturi effect-- a special case of Bernoulli's principle. This states that as fluid travels through a pipe that has a constriction (nozzle in our case), the fluid must speed up in the restriction. This reduces pressure and produces a vacuum by the Bernoulli effect. The vacuum produces fluid from the formation into the jet pump and ultimately to the surface.

Why Use Tech-Flo for Fluid Transfer Pumps?

In a day and age of survival of the fittest, Tech-Flo is generating innovative and effective ideas and products that are maximizing production and minimizing cost. Our expert team has developed a jet pump (patent pending) as a means of artificial lift for all types of oil production. Because of the flexibility of these pumps, many operational issues that affect other systems are eliminated. This pump is superior to others with a similar design because it is ideal for many uses, including traditional oil and gas production, high volume frac unloading, and gas well dewatering. It can also be used for well testing, slimhole wells, and wells that have poor casing. Our products are superior to the competition, and we are quickly becoming the vendor of choice for pumps and artificial lift equipment. Contact us now for information!