Frac Flowback Services

Frac Flowback Services

What is Frac Flowback?

Frac flowback is a process in which fracture fluid is recovered from the well to the surface. The process may also include the return of any energized gases and solids that have been injected into the well during the fracturing process. The purpose of the flow back is to safely recover the large volume of frac fluids from the well and transition the marketable hydrocarbons of the well stream to sales in a timely manner. Tech-Flo's jet pump and flowback rental systems can greatly accelerate this process.

Optimize Frac Flowback with Tech-Flo Technology

When utilizing a Tech-Flo hydraulic jet pump for frac flowback fluid extraction, full load recovery is typically seen in a 1/3 of the time when compared to other types of artificial lift (beam pump, gas lift, nitrogen injection). Production rates in excess of 4,000 bpd have been reached including amounts of gas reaching 2,000 mcfpd. The jet pump can also be serviced without a pulling unit or wireline and has excellent solids handling capabilities. Please call for more information and rental/test package pricing.

Frac Flowback System Highlights

  • 20-40% More Efficient Than Other Jet Pumps
  • Extreme Solids Handling Capabilities
  • Handles High GLR Wells Efficiently
  • Ability to Well Test Post Prac Load Recovery
  • No Reinjection Into the Formation
  • No Moving Parts Downhole to Waer
  • Remove Fluid 3-4 Times Faster Than Other AL Types
  • The Well Can Flow Naturally Through Jet Pump BHA
  • Production Rates in Excess of 5,000 bpd
  • See First Hydrocarbon Show Sooner
  • No WOU is Needed to Change or Service the Down Hole Equipment
  • Downhole Tool Can Handle High Amount of CO2 & H2S

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Jet Pump Frac Flowback Case History