Jet Pump Installation

Tech-Flo's jet pump installation

Tech-Flo offers a wide range of services including jet pump installation. Our state of the art team and equipment can replace or install our innovative jet pump with ease. The steps included for a jet pump installation are as follows:

It should be noted that installing a jet pump requires intermediate plumbing skills and a special set of tools. There are similar steps for well water well jet pumps and deep well jet pumps, however the amount of pipes involved varies.

The following items are needed to install a jet pump:

  • Jet pump (and ejector for a deep water well)
  • Pressure Tank
  • Well Seal
  • Wrenches
  • Cutter
  • Sealing Tape/Pipe Thread Compound
  • Pipe/Pipe Glue/Fittings
  • Derrick and Winch

Before the jet pump installation can begin, it is necessary to prep the well. The area needs to be cleared, and the well should be cleaned of all dirt and debris. The water should be running clear, but sometimes it is necessary to have a drilling company flush the well. Supplies should be easy to access.

Next the pipe is placed in the well. For this to be safely done, scaffolding or a derrick are used above the well and a winch carefully lowers it. For a shallow well, the foot valve is attach to the first pipe and lowered until the top of the pipe is at the well casing. The next piece of pipe is attached and the process is repeated until the operational depth is met.

After the pipe is downhole, the well casing is sealed with a well seal. The well seal supports the weight of the pipe assembly in the casing, and allows water to be pumped in without debris. The suction pipe is connected to the pump.

The last step requires connecting to power, and then priming and testing the system. The pump motor is evaluated to make sure it is set for available power, the power and ground lines are connected to the pressure switch. To prime the system, the pump housing and pipes are filled with water. After they are running, well pumps are self-priming but should NEVER be pumped dry. After all connections are checked, tight, and the air charge in the pressure tank is regulated, power can be turned on. Water should flow within five minutes and is allowed to automatically cycle until the water runs clear.

Looking to Get a Jet Pump Installed?

Tech-Flo is equipped with the knowledge and experience for jet pump installation. Our state of the art technical team and equipment can easily manage a new installation or replacement. Call us today to see how we can lower your cost and increase your profit!