Oilfield Motors

Oilfield motor

Tech-Flo is a top supplier of oilfield motors for oil and gas production companies worldwide. Tech-Flo primarily develops artificial lift solutions and oil and gas production equipment, but provides many other services for our oil and gas customers. We provide a variety of services and equipment for hydraulic fracturing, salt water disposal wells and well testing. We also offer maintenance plans and repair crews in case of an emergency. Tech-Flo's oilfield motors increase production and decrease overhead costs. We have committed to building our motors with the best materials and with longevity in mind. Our supplies are state of the art, innovative and well made, and our clients come back for years because our service is impeccable.

Downhole Oilfield Motors

Tech-Flo offers a variety of downhole oilfield motors that increase production and reduce friction within the well. These motors require high quality parts and construction because they typically are not easily accessed for service. Tech-Flo offers 24-7 downhole monitoring to ensure wells are operating correctly and to monitor production. It is imperative that small problems are fixed and oil production equipment is maintained to avoid catastrophic losses. Our combined 25+ years of experience in the oil and gas industry makes us a trustworthy partner to maintain and serve your operation, regardless of size or product.

Oilfield Motor Maintenance

To keep an operation up and running smoothly, regular maintenance is necessary. Oilfields that are managed and maintained by Tech-Flo receive exquisite attention and care. We are committed to discovering and fixing minor problems to avoid major breakdowns. Our maintenance philosophy allows fields to stay in prime condition, produce more, and ultimately increase profits while cutting down on losses. Don't trust anyone else to maintain or service your field! Our equipment is state of the art and our mechanics are educated and trained to service oilfield motors.

Why Choose Tech-Flo for Oilfield Motors?

Tech-Flo stands apart from other companies that supply oilfield motors because we are committed to excellence and innovation. We are constantly developing new and effective products for our customers and creating more efficient systems. Our patented Tech-Flo Jet Pump is the most efficient downhole pump in the industry, and has proved successful for oil and gas production, dewatering, and well testing. If you want to cut your costs and increase production with reliable equipment, contact Tech-Flo today for a consultation and oilfield evaluation.