Oilfield Production Consultants

Tech-Flo has a wide range of experience consulting for oilfield production

Tech-Flo is the premier oilfield production consultant in Houston, TX. We have over 15 years of experience consulting oilfield companies and are proud to offer a variety of services to enhance any production company. We provide consulting, and maintenance services and carry an extensive line of top-grade products. Our team is equipped with the tools, education, and training to assess and provide information to increase productivity and decrease cost.

Our Team

Tech-Flo hires the most skilled and qualified oilfield production consultants in the industry. Originally focused in the domestic markets, we have now tapped into the international oil market as well. We are committed to the highest safety standards and ensure all of our employees take the utmost care with their work. All of our employees possess excellent leadership qualities and are highly trained and educated within their field of expertise.

Tech-Flo contributes to and participates in a host of oilfield groups. Some of these include the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, and the Artificial Lift Research and Development Council. We also have three locations to serve our clients with the highest standard of care, located in Conroe, South Texas, and the Permian Basin.

Safety Standards

As a company, we make safety our number one priority. Our initial safety orientation is thorough and we strive to provide ongoing support, information, and training sessions for our team. Our operations management is widely recognized throughout the oilfield industry, and our combined 100 years of experiences makes us a premier choice for oilfield consulting. We have an excellent reputation as a company that takes pride in our commitment to protocol, and will continue to build on those premises.

Tech-Flo Equipment

Tech-Flo's clients are raving about our services! From an extensive line of oilfield equipment, to maintenance services, to oilfield production consulting, our services are bar-none. Our innovative jet pump has increased production and decreased costs for hundreds of clients. This highly efficient jet pump is used for oil production, frac flowbacks, and well testing. By replacing gas lift wells with our jet pump, it has increased oil production by 100% and decreased the need for costly makeup gas. In the Permian Basin, we used the downhole Tech-Flo Jet Pump to save a well with bad casing because of the slimhole technology. Our technology is innovative, it works, and it will not be outdone! Contact us today to see how Tech-Flo can improve and maintain your operation.