Soft Start Panels

Soft Start Panel

A soft start panel is a control system that reduces the amount of torque delivered to the power train of an AC electric motor. In an electric application, the soft starter temporarily reduces the current input or voltage. It can also affect how the motor receives power through the electrical circuit. In pump applications soft start panels are valued because they ward off pressure surges. The soft start panel can be electrical or mechanical or both. A clutch, fluid drive, shot coupling or other devices may be used as soft start panels. These starts offer ultimate protection and light load energy efficiency.

Why Soft Start Panels?

Soft start panels are beneficial because they increase the longevity of the motor by reducing the stress it undergoes during start up. Mechanical stress is reduced on the motor and shaft, and power cables and the electrical distribution network are relieved, ultimately increasing the lifespan of the operation. Soft start panels are beneficial because they eliminate many of the undesired side effects of traditional motors.

Different Start Up Types

There are a few different types of electric start ups including DOL or Direct on-line starting, Star-Delta start up, and soft start up. A DOL has a high starting peak, as well as a high current peak. The DOL is a three phase motor with a low/medium power rating and has three conductors. The Star Delta start up has a high-low power rating and uses six conductors. It only uses a 1/3 of the nominal torque during start up, but has high mains load and high mechanical stress due to torque surge during switchover. Lastly, the soft start up has a low-high power rating, and uses a three phase motor with three conductors. It has no current or torque peak but maintains a variable starting torque, which decreases stress on the motor. The soft start panel has zero maintenance and offers the most solutions compared to other options.

In a pump application, soft start panels are designed to accelerate, decelerate, and protect three phase motors. They are easy to install and require no maintenance. Protecting the pump is vital to the operation and this is an easy addition that will save money and maximize production and efficiency. Soft start panels are energy efficient and offer more options for users after combining electronic circuits.