Triplex Pumps

Triplex Jet Pump

Triplex pumps are a type of positive displacement pump used in a variety of high pressure operations. These pumps work by gradually reducing the volume of a working fluid and forcing it into a discharge opening. This increases the pressure of the fluid and produces a flow.

The name "triplex" is generated by the 3 piston (or plunger) system used to pump the working fluid. Generally plungers are used for a working pressure of over 1000PSI, and pistons are used for systems that have lower than 1000PSI. Triplex pumps are unique because they produce a smoother, significantly higher flow compared to simple single or duplex pumps.

In the oil and gas industry, an operator's production ability is often only as strong as the equipment on which it relies. This is especially true at a time when increased competition for customers has encouraged many industry stakeholders to adopt a "survival of the fittest" attitude toward business expansion and growth.

Industry experts observe that more oil and gas producers seek innovative technology, unique expertise and unconventional techniques to crack unyielding wells and increase production. Businesses that are not able to adapt to these new competitive times and adopt leading technology on the oilfield may find themselves left behind.

Jet pumps and advanced artificial lift technology are leading tools for oil and gas operators seeking to boost production - and revenue - from wells across the globe. At Tech-Flo Consulting, our access to top technology and our brand of expert consultation ensures that our customers remain a step ahead of their competition.

Learn today how Tech-Flo Consulting can help your business maximize existing resources and make sound investments in quality technology. Our access to reliable oil production equipment from top manufacturers, alongside our own leading technology and services, has proven invaluable to oil and gas operators around the world.

Choose from a variety of triplex pumps from leading manufacturers

At Tech-Flo Consulting, we can connect businesses with a variety of multiplex pumps and hydraulic lift equipment to maximize production from seemingly depleted wells. We serve as clints' premier supplier of multiplex pumps from brands including Gardner Denver, NOV, Wanner Engineering T Series, Weatherford W Series and Wood Group SPS.

Our ability to provide top equipment benefits domestic producers looking for installation support and guidance as well as foreign businesses hoping to make strides in the U.S. but that are unsure where and how to start. We leverage years of experience making purchasing decisions and recommendations to ensure that our customers gain the benefit of the most suitable technology for their needs.

Rely on the TFC Jet Pump to increase production for oil and gas wells

Tech-Flo Consulting has also developed its own jet pump to eliminate operational difficulties and improve the efficiency of oil production. The unique design of the TFC Jet Pump is tailored to straight, horizontal and deviated wells, and ensure that maintenance and optimization can be performed without the need for wire line or work-over-unit service.

The TFC Jet Pump has been deployed in the field successfully and has been proven as an effective tool to solve operational challenges. For example, an operator working on a remote Wilcox formation well that lacked easy electricity access turned to the TFC Jet Pump and enjoyed a 37 percent increase in oil production and a 143 percent increase in gas production despite consuming 10 less mechanical horsepower.

In another example, one operator working on a Frio formation well in Texas was able to increase total fluid production by 34.5 percent by switching to the TFC Jet Pump, which was available at 80 percent of the cost of the operator's previous rod pump system.

Make Tech-Flo Consulting your trusted partner in oil and gas production

Ultimately, the products and services offered by Tech-Flo Consulting are designed to provide businesses cost-effective ways to increase production, even from wells that seem to have run dry. At a time when more oil operators carefully scrutinize technology investments and costs, the affordable artificial lift solutions provided by Tech-Flo Consulting can mean the difference between profitability and a lack of production.