Tech-Flo Well Testing on the Field

Well Testing

On occasion, well testing needs to be conducted in order to evaluate the amount of production a client’s well is producing or investigate the maximum possible production from the subject well. Hydraulic lift is one of the top ways to test and gain usable information from your wells. With the ease of investigating production rates through engine throttle or the changing of the nozzle and mixing tube, rates as low as 20 bpd up to 6000 bpd can be explored using the same down hole tool. Via the hydraulic jet pump analysis software, Tech-Flo can constantly monitor your producing bottom hole pressure and truly test the capabilities of your well.

A fleet of unitized testing equipment can be available at a moment’s notice. After running the downhole equipment and setting surface equipment in normal operations, your well can be producing the same day. Field facilities and monitoring crews are available as well.

Well testing is a necessary process to determine the productivity of a well. Several scenarios can lead to oil well problems, resulting in a decrease in productivity. Tech-Flo offers a variety of well testing services and well testing equipment. Our crew is trained and has the experience to safely test your well and provide data that can assist in determining the best plan of action to maximize production.

Why Use Tech-Flo for Well Testing?

From corrosion to bacteria to pump malfunctions, well testing is used to determine where the issue is and how to resolve it. A series of tests are typically run on the oil or gas well to resolve the issue. Our technicians have years of experience and are well trained to perform these tasks. If a pump replacement is needed, Tech-Flo's technicians are ready and prepared in a moment's notice. With our down hole testing capabilities, we can monitor well activity 24-7, keeping you aware of production levels at all times. In the event of a problem, our technicians will quickly arrive to resolve it and get your well up and running as soon as possible.

Well Testing Equipment

Tech-Flo uses innovative and dependable testing equipment to evaluate oil and gas wells. We are also a premier distributor of well testing equipment and fluid transfer pumps. Our technicians go through extensive training because Tech-Flo is committed to ensuring your wells run profitably and efficiently. Well testing equipment measures flow rate, flow potential, and flow capacity. These are important to note before installing new hydraulic pump systems for safety and to record a baseline production rate.

Tech-Flo offers a variety of well maintenance services to monitor oil and gas wells. Regular maintenance and well check ups can prevent serious malfunctions and potential losses. We are well trained, have professional demeanor, and consistently go above and beyond what is expected. Well monitoring reduces losses and prolongs the life of pumps and equipment. Tech-Flo is ready and waiting to discuss the details and needs of your oil and gas well!